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Washtechnix Liquid Dosing Systems

Washtechnix use only the latest 'State of the Art' dosing systems for their laundry products. After carrying out a full site evaluation survey, we will then provide you with the correct dosing system for your specific application, ensuring that your laundry products are not only dosed correctly and efficiently, but that the dosing units provide you with years of trouble free use.

Washtechnix Liquid Laundry Detergent

A fully built liquid laundry detergent, available in both biological and non biological formulas, designed to cope with the toughest of stains, whilst maintaining whiteness and brightness across all fabric types.

Washtechnix Liquid Destainer Sanitiser

A unique colour safe peroxide based destainer sanitiser, which has been specially formulated to remove all traces of excessive staining, whilst helping to eliminate harmful bacteria such as MRSA and C Diff from 40 degrees upwards.

Washtechnix Liquid Chloro Destainer

Designed for use when washing very heavily soiled white linen, such as table cloths & chef's whites, this highly active bleach based product is sometimes the only way to keep your whites white.

Washtechnix Liquid Fabric Softener

A highly concentrated premium fabric softener which features anti static, easy iron and quick dry properties, as well as a providing outstanding softness with a fragrant perfume. This product is available in a variety of pack sizes for both auto and manual dosing.

Washtechnix Washing Powder

Where auto- dosing is neither suitable nor required, we have a full range of products for manual dosing. Washtechnix Washing Powder is available in both biological and non biological formulations providing outstanding cleaning results across a full range of stain types and designed to be safe on all fabrics.

Washtechnix Laundry Destainer Powder

Washtechnix Laundry Destainer Powder is a sodium perborate based product that safely lifts the stubborn and difficult stains that are sometimes left behind with normal washing techniques. It is designed to be either used in the sink as a pre soaking agent or added to the main wash as an addition to your regular washing detergent and is effective from 40 degrees upwards.

Washtechnix Natural Liquid Starch

Natural Liquid Starch is an exciting new innovation in the starching of cotton and mixed fibre fabrics. Specially developed for use with our Auto Dosing Systems, this lightly fragranced liquid starch will give the same first class results as traditional powder table starch without the inconvenience or waste. The product will not stagnate, separate or change its physical or chemical characteristics even if stored for long periods of time.

Washtechnix Red Soluble Strip Laundry Sacks

Washtechnix Red Soluble Strip Laundry Sacks have been designed to enable the safe handling, transportation and processing of foul and infected linen. Our premium quality Red Soluble Strip Laundry Sacks are the best way to reduce the risk of cross contamination of linen through airborne bacteria. Simply place any contaminated linen into a sack, seal with the tie strip provided in the gusset of the sack, then the linen can be handled and transported to the laundry without fear of bacterial dispersion and exposure.

The filled Soluble Strip Laundry Sacks are loaded unopened into the washing machine, and will open as soon as the wash programme starts to agitate the wash load, the Water Soluble Strip and tie strip dissolve, releasing the contents of the sack into the wash water. At the conclusion of the wash cycle, the used and disinfected portion of the Laundry Sack is removed and discarded or recycled.

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